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Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance in Bournemouth

Some businesses do not have much in the way of a premises-based risk, but they might still have a large liability exposure. A good example is the construction industry. For businesses of this type, it is often more appropriate to have a stand alone liability insurance policy, which stands apart from a small commercial combined or office policy.

Modern liability insurance policies usually include sections for:

Employer’s Liability - this deals with the insured’s liability towards their employees and labour only sub-contractors.

Public Liability - this deals with the insured’s liability towards all other third parties, other than staff and labour only sub-contractors.

Product Liability - this protects the insured for their liability arising out of products supplied.

Various limits can be purchased to suit a client’s requirements. We are happy to review contract conditions to ensure maximum protection for our clients.

The above statement is not designed to act as a summary of cover, but is intended as a general guide only. It should not be relied upon as confirmation that any particular item is covered by a policy held.


"Peter has worked with clients' of Harvey Bowes and professionally identified shortfalls & exposure in cover. In some cases Peter has provided the appropriate cover without the clients incurring higher premium costs. He has an expert understanding of his field and has proven to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients."

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